A Comprehensive Guide to Choosing and Styling Faux Locs Wig

Do you want to wear braids but cannot because your hair is too short? Or are you want to experiment with hairstyles to create a unique look? The faux locs wig is perfect for your new contemporary look!

Faux loc wigs allow the user to hide their short hair and wear beautiful braids, creating a natural healthy hair look without giving away that they are not your real hair. This comprehensive guide contains everything you would like to know about faux loc wigs, from how to wear them properly and style them to maintaining your hairstyle for longer.
What is Faux Locs?

You can attain the traditional hairstyle ‘cornrows’

with Faux locs wig all by yourself. These wigs are a gorgeous and luscious blend of natural and synthetically produced hair. Anyone who enjoys hairstyles that are a fusion of classic hairstyles with modern hairdos would love to own a faux loc wig that suits well with their glitzy attire. Faux loc wigs are styled like traditional braids with a curled end to give your braids a teased appearance.

Types of Faux Locs Wig

Faux loc wigs have different types, catering to various hairstyles its user might want to create.

Four braided faux loc wigs for a traditional look

Three-braided faux loc wigs  for a casual look

Two-braided faux loc wigs; reducing the braids to two will create a dramatic look

Faux loc wigs for various work styles:

These wigs made from good virgin and smooth hair can be used to ease you out from daily hairstyling worries. Faux loc wigs can survive wind, humidity, and dust of a day, making them eligible for long spells of wearability. You can easily sport your braided faux loc wig looks for daytime affairs. These wigs are straightener friendly, allowing you to create a great variety of hairstyles.

Environment-friendly wigs:

Faux loc wigs are the perfect eco-friendly alternative to create the classic faux loc look. Typically they are made from natural human hair and synthetic fibers. They are washable, so owning a single set of faux loc wigs will be enough to cater to your style needs for an extended period. These wigs being reusable reduces your carbon print.

How to Choose a Faux Locs Wig?

In order to choose the faux loc wig that can create your desired looks, you should know the styling of these hairstyles. For this, the length of the wig should be an inch longer than your natural hair. Matching the shade of your hair with the wig is the most crucial part so that it does not make your wig obvious. A more natural appearance can be achieved by lifting the hair along the wig’s portion and hairline. It will swing the hair like a natural hair look.

Final Words:

Faux loc wigs for those unable to decide which wig would suit them most. They are made to don and flaunt your braided hairstyles, making your everyday monotonous hairstyles exciting and making your personality stand out. Wigs can help you change your appearance, whether you’re dealing with hair loss or want to try a new braided style for the day.




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